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About Me

What I do

I spend almost all my time on 3 things:

Machine Learning & Studying Artificial Intelligence

My work is the science of drawing insights from data and driving informed decision making and innovation. I work primarily with the Python stack, but I'm learning new tools every week.

Check out my most recent personal projects here.

Adventures with my wife & three girls

Most weekends I can be found exploring the local sights and parks in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my wife and daughters. All 4 are so fun and full of life! We have a pretty aggressive  bucket list, and are always looking for new things to do.


Of course the physical benefits are great, but I really lift for the mental rejuvenation. When you are under 200 pounds of iron, life's other problems fade to the background pretty quickly, and I've found that to be tremendously healthy.

I normally train with the Stronglifts 5x5 program, and switch to German Volume Training briefly each summer. I track data on all my workouts to see trends in my strength and body weight.

What I used to do

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I started my career in Finance with a Fortune 500 company in a Financial Development Program. The highlight was living in Singapore for 6 months analyzing powder production in a manufacturing facility.

Seeking a stronger mission, I joined a financial consulting firm that targeted high-growth companies and was quickly made a manager. Throughout this time I worked with dozens of impressive companies, and started to get more interested in the technology companies I got exposure to.

In 2017 I spun off to work with a software company as their finance manager.

Ultimately, working with financial data has it's limitations, and I was ready for a bigger challenge. At work, I started using SQL more and creating custom dashboards and reporting. This lead me to complete an intensive Data Science & Machine Learning boot camp through Thinkful, a technology school (backed in part by Peter Thiel).

Upon completion of the boot camp, I joined Bank of America's Research & Innovation team as a Data Scientist. My job was to research new use-cases for data science and machine learning at the bank. Most notably, I worked a lot with graph databases and network analysis techniques for financial crime detection, and exploring future applications in Quantum Computing.

After a few years, I was approached by AE Studio - a company with a really remarkable culture. You should read about it here. I now work on AE's data science team, building software that increases human agency.

AE's long term goal is to create Brain-Computer Interfaces that increase human agency, which leads me to:

What I will do in the future

My motivation to continually learn and grow in the field of artificial intelligence comes from an understanding of how incredibly important and scary it is. AI innovation seems to be happening so quickly that we will not have a chance to digest and actually "choose" enormous society changes - they will just happen. One day soon, AI may either threaten humanity, or become part of humanity.

Those on the forefront of this topic must have the vision to foresee the consequences of their work, and the integrity to manage those consequences the right way. It is my goal to contribute to this endeavor.

I have years - if not decades - of work to do to prepare for the challenge of artificial super intelligence. If you have an idea for a project that contributes to this vision, let's talk!

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